About Us


We are an idea family. For over twenty five years, Cathy Heck Studio has been creating original and inventive artwork licensed for products from baby books to stickers, dinnerware to wall coverings. From three studios across the country, we deliver every aspect of a project from the first concepts to final press-ready electronic art, collaborating with our clients to create designs that customers love and buyers love to sell.

We know the importance of meeting a deadline, and our clients know that they can call on us for a fresh collection and we will take care of everything. We love every phase of our jobs from creative spark to final files, and we know you will enjoy working with us. Welcome to the studio!




Cathy is an idea person who never runs out of new concepts. She is also an artist with a gift for producing attractive, imaginative artwork on demand. Cathy began her career as an art director for Young & Rubicam, NY, so she understands an art director’s needs. Equally comfortable with paints, pens and software, Cathy enjoys a collaborative approach to a project and the energy of a busy studio.


Ellen made her debut in the studio at the age of two where her affinity with paper and pen began to look genetic. At 13, she had already entered the business world, designing her first product for retailers–sticker sets for Frances Meyer. Since then, she has attended Brown, the Sorbonne in Paris, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, returning every summer to lend her talented hand in the studio. And now, Ellen is a Cathy Heck Studio designer, working from her own branch in Berkeley, California..


Julianna is the newest full-time member of the studio. She is a recent graduate of the graphic design program at VCUarts and also holds a degree from Old Dominion University in Drawing and Design with a minor in Art History. Julianna loves combining her hand craft with digital media. And, with a strong foundation in typography and design, she is equally comfortable designing packaging, products or patterns. Julianna works from our new satellite studio in Norfolk, Virginia.


Neville is the resident hound. He protects the studio day and night and also makes sure that the studio workers are hard at work. However, he does encourage short breaks for important tummy rubs. Neville is best known for his singing voice, which he performs for all birthday calls. Occasionally, he is caught sleeping on the job, but Personel just can’t seem to let him go. Could you turn down a pitiful-puppy-face like that?

Who we are

It’s a family business! Cathy and Jim started their family thirty years ago. Little did they know that they were creating their own work force. Each artist has her own style, which helps keep everything we produce fresh and new. But, at the same time, we love to collaborate, sometimes completing the work of another.

What we do

Everyone has her specialty, whether it is printmaking or painting, digital design or sewing–we enjoy working with different kinds of media. We constantly push ourselves to try new techniques and disciplines, partly because it keeps our work fresh and on-trend, and partly because it’s just more fun.

When we do it

All the time! Since making art is something all of us love to do, we make art when we are working … and playing. And, often the art we create while playing turns into the art we produce while working. We do take a break every now and then to eat a little something, and if we just finished a deadline, a salted caramel is an excellent reward.

Where we do it

All over the country! Home base is in Austin, Texas, but we also have studios on the West Coast and the East Coast. So, if you need to have a meeting at your office, one of us will be close to you. (Unless your company is in London or Paris, in which case, we would be most happy to come to your office.)

Why we do it

We love what we do. We still relish the scent of class rooms and art rooms, so we have recreated our own. We are delighted with the chance to bring ideas to paper, canvas and screen. We can’t wait to use our hands and our minds to create designs that make people feel happy.